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bin+lib pslink

A simple webservice that allows registered users to create short links including qr-codes. Anyone can visit the shortened links. This is an ideal setup for small busines or for publishing papers.

5 unstable releases

0.4.1-beta.2 Aug 13, 2021
0.3.0 Mar 27, 2021
0.2.2 Mar 15, 2021
0.2.1 Mar 15, 2021
0.2.0 Mar 15, 2021

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The pslink library and binary

This is the pslink server part. It provides a webserver to be run behind another webserver like apache or nginx. Everything needed to run is bundled in the pslink binary. So you can compile everything locally and the copy the single binary to your server and run it.

Library features:

  • models for writing and retriving information from the database

Server/Binary features:

  • creation and migration of the database
  • creating an admin user
  • creating a .env file with all available options
  • launch the server
    • serve the wasm-file
    • serve styling and js bindings
    • provide a REST-JSON-Api to get and modify entries in the database
    • authentication


~2M SLoC