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Works out if this is running from inside a shell, and if so, which one

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pshell answers the question "Is my application running in a shell, and if so, which one".

Example: you are installing something and want to make changes to the shell and you want to know what changes are required to which shell script.


Just a simple function that tells you whether the application is run from inside a shell:

use pshell;

fn main() {
    // `find` returns the name of the shell in a string and the pid as a u32
    let (sh, pid) = pshell::find().unwrap_or(("unknown".to_string(), 0));
    println!("This application has been run from pid `{}`, which is a {} shell", pid, sh);

To try this out, and check it works OK on your OS/shell combination run the following from your shell:

cargo run --example what_shell


I have created a list of shells where this could be run from, it is not exhaustive, if your shell is not supported, feel free to raise an issue or a PR.


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