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An abstraction of core business logic for the prople/vessel

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new 0.2.5 Jul 16, 2024
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This crate provides base abstractions of business logic for the prople/vessel/vessel-core. There are multiple important domains covered, which are:

  • identity
  • connection (soon)
  • social (soon)
  • finance (soon)

All of those domains will be managed in the DDD (Domain Driven Design) ways, and the code base will be structured through the Modular Monolith Architecture, which means, each of available domains will be able managed independently, and even will be able to deployed separately later.

Each of domains will have it's own <domain>API that will be used as an entrypoint to communicate between domains

The main purpose of this package is to provide a domain abstraction for the prople/vessel needs. By providing an abstraction, it will help third party services or software engineers to create their own implementation, it's almost like a SDK in common.


prople-vessel-core = {version = "0.2.5"}


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