Cargo Features

product-os-oauth-oidc has no features set by default.

product-os-oauth-oidc = { version = "0.0.17", features = ["all", "server", "client"] }
all = client, server
server all? = chrono, oxide-auth, oxide-auth-axum, parking_lot, product-os-capabilities, product-os-configuration, product-os-router, product-os-security, product-os-store, product-os-store-macros, serde, serde_json, tokio, tracing, url, uuid

Affects product-os-oauth-oidc::ProductOSOIDCServer, oidc_handler::oidc_handler

client all? = openidconnect, tracing

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

tokio server?

Enables tokio

Core dependencies
For async capabilities

parking_lot server?
oxide-auth server?
oxide-auth-axum server?

Enables oxide-auth-axum ^0.3.0

product-os-configuration server?
product-os-capabilities server?
product-os-security server?
product-os-store server?
product-os-store-macros server?
product-os-router server?
uuid server?
url server?
chrono server?
tracing client? server?

Enables tracing

Logging support

serde server?

Enables serde

Support for serialize/deserialize objects

serde_json server?

Enables serde_json

Support for JSON structures

openidconnect client?

Enables openidconnect ^2.3.1