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rust-pragmatic-segmenter version

Rust port of pySBD v3.1.0 and Ruby pragmatic_segmenter. Documentations

rust-pragmatic-segmenter is rule-based SBD. It uses a lot of regular expressions to separate sentences.

use pragmatic_segmenter::Segmenter;

let segmenter = Segmenter::new()?;
let result: Vec<_> = segmenter.segment("Hi Mr. Kim. Let's meet at 3 P.M.").collect();
//=> vec!["Hi Mr. Kim. ", "Let's meet at 3 P.M."]

How to build

sudo apt install -y libclang-dev
cargo build


  • Perfectly match the behavior with pySBD (current: 99%)
  • Support languages other than English
  • Remove regexes with look around and back references
  • Try Intel Hyperscan
  • Fix mistakes of pySBD, possibly send patches to the upstream
  • Optimize copies and allocations
  • Use proper error types instead of Boxed error
  • Import test cases from pySBD and ruby pragmatic_segmenter


rust-pragmatic-segmenter is primarily distributed under the terms of both the Apache License (Version 2.0) and the MIT license. See COPYRIGHT for details.


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