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A simple and safe and fast thread-pool based on pure message-passing concurrency defying the mainstream.

  • simplicity:
    • small API
    • less than 300 lines of code
  • safety:
    • no dependencies (apart from crossbeam)
    • thoroughly tested
    • memory-safety: no unsafe-code
    • thread-safety:
      • no data races
      • no deadlocks
  • performance:

For documumentation see Released API docs. In particular, you can find a design- and usage-description there.


The benches pit poolio against threadpool in a battle of computing various lists of primes and writing them to a sink. On a computer 'Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz' (6 cores and 12 CPUs) running x86_64 GNU/Linux we measured the following average times for executing the job:

Primes poolio threadpool
6 workers 27.468 ms 28.431 ms
12 workers 24.056 ms 23.456 ms

This suggests that the poolio and threadpool are equally performant. The full result can be downloaded here. (The benchmarks are powered by criterion.)


If you want to contribute: CONTRIBUTING.


For security-related issues see: SECURITY.