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A set of utilities to better enable polymorphic behavior in Rust

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A set of utilities to better enable polymorphic behavior in Rust.


Rust is a wonderful language, with a strong emphasis on fast, static dispatch and statically-determined memory management. This is amazing, but it is hard to ease into from the perspective of a dynamic language.

This crate seeks to enable more dynamic programming while adhering to the core principles of Rust: only pay for what you need, and incur little overhead when you do so.

  • Want to decide whether to return an owned value or a borrowed reference? Now you can do so, without having to change your function's return type.
  • Want to use trait objects but don't like the fact that Box<dyn MyTrait> requires ownership? Now you can choose whether to return a borrowed or an owned trait object.



RefOrOwned<T> is an enum over &T and T. This is similar to Cow in that it abstracts over ownership and borrowing. However, while Cow has a ToOwned requirement, RefOrOwned does not.

  • RefOrOwned<T> implements Deref to T, as well as a broader family of standard Rust traits, so that you can work with it ergonomically and painlessly.
  • There is also a RefMutOrOwned version, for when you need &mut T.
  • into_owned is available where T: Clone.
  • The type also implements From<&T> and From<T>, so that you can use Into<RefOrOwned<T>> to create highly-flexible function parameter.


RefOrBox<T> is an enum over &T and Box<T>. While similar to RefOrOwned, RefOrBox is intended for cases where T is unsized, most notably when T is a trait object.

  • RefOrBox<T> implements standard traits where possible, including Deref to T.
  • Optional support for the dyn-clone crate is provided by the trait-clone feature. If T: DynClone, an into_owned method will be made available. More on this later.

RefMutOrBox is a version of RefOrBox which uses &mut T and can be dereferenced to a mutable value.


  • The library contains no unsafe code
  • The library should never panic


Add this library to your Cargo.toml:

polymorph = "0.1"


All of the available Cargo features provided by this crate. Each of these features must be enabled independently if it is desired.


To enable interoperability with the dyn-clone trait, turn on this feature.

polymorph = { version = "0.1", features = ["trait-clone"]}

This will add a RefOrBox::into_owned method which returns a Box<T>, either by returning the owned box or cloning a borrowed value.

Other Information


Polymorph is well-combined with the dyn-clone and enum-dispatch crates for flexible and effective dynamic programming.


Polymorph's structs and enums are paid close attention to ensure they implement standard traits. Code interoperability and reuse is best achieved when standard traits are correctly implemented.

If you ever happen to notice a place where a standard trait could be implemented, please open an issue in this repository.


Licensed under the Apache License v2.0. See the LICENSE.txt.