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Wrapper library for https://pokeapi.co/ v2 with caching support.


Documentation for the crate can be found on docs.rs (WIP). For documentation of the API, see https://pokeapi.co/docs/v2.html.

Basic Usage

Get an object from an API by id

use pokerust::{Berry, FromId};

fn main() {
    let berry = Berry::from_id(1).unwrap();

or by name

use pokerust::{Berry, FromName};

fn main() {
    let berry = Berry::from_name("cheri").unwrap();

API responses are automatically cached.

You can also fetch the resource lists:

let items = Item::list(5, 20)?;  // ?offset=5&limit=20

// get the lists referenced in the next and previous fields

// you can also just get the full list
let all_items = Item::full_list()?;

To get resources pointed to by (Named)APIResource, use get():

let berry = Berry::from_name("cheri")?;
let berry_item = berry.item.get()?; // berry_item is an Item

This can be chained:

let marill = PokemonSpecies::from_name("marill")?;
let sea_incense = marill.evolution_chain.get()?.baby_trigger_item.unwrap().get()?;

The location of the pokeapi used can be changed by setting the POKERUST_ENDPOINT environment variable. Defaults to the public instance at https://pokeapi.co/api/v2/. Please consult the pokeapi documentation and read the fair use policy before using the public API instance.


This software is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License.


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