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Jack of all trades - JOAT

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Joat is designed to ease the creation of customizable command line interfaces for REST APIs and enable automation around these REST APIs. The program is written in rust and it's pretty much a work in progress, expect errors and breaking changes. Joat is heavily inspired by go-jira and uses a lot of powerful rust libraries.

Joat uses a YAML file to define subcommands that can be of two types: requests and scripts. Requests subcommands ease the interaction with a REST API and scripts are a way of combining multiple commands into a more convenient one. For instance, suppose you have a team of developers that use trello.com as their Kanban board. Request commands could be something like trello get <card_id>, trello move <card_id> <column_id>, trello assign <card_id> <user>. Now suppose a developer needs to perform those three actions to start to working on a card. One could create a script command like trello start <card_id> which always assign oneself to the card and moves it to the in progress column. All this is configurable in a YAML file that can be shared among all developers to create a useful and tailored CLI for the team. Joat also combine YAML files from the local folder with files from the home folder, so it's possible to reuse community defined commands and then create your own specific commands on top of those (there's a TODO to make the search for config files recursive).

Some key attributes of this YAML file are treated as templates, so you can use values defined in environment variables, arguments and more to define what should be send in the request or handled in the script. The syntax of the templates is Jinja2, you can read more about it Tera's documentation (the rust library used to do this).

See more about the trello example in this video:

Introducing Joat


As this is work in progress there's no packaging of the binaries, it's necessary to compile the rust source code. To do that you'll need rust's tools and execute this:

cargo install joat

Joat uses some alpha versions of some libraries and cargo by default installs the latest of them, sometimes that causes compilation errors as those dependencies can change their APIs. In that case use cargo install --locked joat.

Joat is not very useful in itself, so you have to create an extension.

Creating an extension

Just execute:

# Create an yaml file with the name of your cli
joat init <name_of_your_cli>
# symlink joat binaries to your cli name (it has to be the same name as the yaml)
ln -s target/release/joat /usr/local/bin/<name_of_your_cli>
# optionally define templates
mkdir templates && touch templates/sample.j2
# Test if it works
<name_of_your_cli> --help

Installing an existing extension

The long version:

# Say the extension github page lives in https://github.com/sennav/.gitlab.joat
cd $HOME && git clone https://github.com/sennav/.gitlab.joat
JOAT_PATH=$(which joat)
BIN_PATH=$(which joat | sed 's/joat$//')
ln -s "$JOAT_BIN_PATH" "${BIN_PATH}gitlab"
gitlab --help # Test if it works

Or use the install command that basically does the same thing:

# Say the extension github page lives in https://github.com/sennav/.gitlab.joat
joat install sennav/.gitlab.joat
gitlab --help # Test if it works

Sample extensions

Config yaml

Sample yaml file:

name: gitlab-cli
version: "0.0.1"
author: Vinicius <senna.vmd@gmail.com>
about: Cli to interface with Gitlab's REST API
base_endpoint: https://gitlab.com/api/v4
    gitlab_project_id: "123"
    Private-Token: "{{env.GITLAB_TOKEN}}"
    - config:
        short: c
        long: config
        value_name: FILE
        help: Sets a custom config file
        takes_value: true
    - verbose:
        short: v
        multiple: true
        help: Sets the level of verbosity
    - show:
        about: show issue data
        path: /projects/{{env.gitlab_project_id}}/issues/{{args.ISSUE_ID}}
            - ISSUE_ID:
                help: Id of the issue to show
                required: true
                index: 1
            - template:
                short: t
                long: template
                help: Use a different template
                required: false
                takes_value: true
        response_template: issue.j2
    - show_script:
        about: Sample of a script subcommand
            - ISSUE_ID:
                help: Id of the issue
                required: true
                index: 1
        script: |
            gitlab show {{args.ISSUE_ID}}

Joat subcommands

joat 0.0.2
Vinicius <senna.vmd@gmail.com>
Jack of all trades - CLI tools for REST APIs

    joat [SUBCOMMAND]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    auto_complete    Create auto complete script
    help             Prints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)
    init             create a yaml config file to bootstrap your extension
    install          install a joat project
    uninstall        uninstall a joat project from the home folder


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