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Library for the PMW3901 optical flow sensor

1 stable release

Uses old Rust 2015

1.0.0 Jul 31, 2018

MIT license

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PMW3901 Library for Rust Latest Version Documentation

A library for the PMW3901 optical flow sensor.

Intended to be deployed in a linux environment with spidev.


See examples/scan.rs.


The datasheet for the PMW3901 is sparse. The list of registers comes with little explanation. This library does the bare minimum to read pixel velocity.

In addition, the initialization write sequence is opaque and is simply copied from Bitcraze.


Use environment variables to specify the SPI bus and chip select:

PMW3901_SPI_BUS=0 PMW3901_SPI_CS=0 cargo test

Tested on the breakout board by Pesky Product.


  • Control over the EN pin. Currently assumes it's pulled up.
  • Motion detection interrupt pin.
  • Control over the NRESET pin. Currently assumes it's pulled up.


~37K SLoC