Cargo Features

plotters = { version = "0.3.5", default-features = false, features = ["all_series", "all_elements", "bitmap_backend", "bitmap_encoder", "bitmap_gif", "svg_backend", "full_palette", "colormaps", "errorbar", "boxplot", "histogram", "point_series", "surface_series", "ttf", "fontconfig-dlopen", "ab_glyph", "datetime", "evcxr", "evcxr_bitmap", "deprecated_items", "image"] }
default = all_elements, all_series, bitmap_backend, bitmap_encoder, bitmap_gif, chrono, colormaps, deprecated_items, full_palette, image, svg_backend, ttf

These default features are set whenever plotters is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

all_series default = area_series, line_series, point_series, surface_series
all_elements default = boxplot, candlestick, errorbar, histogram
bitmap_backend default evcxr_bitmap? = plotters-bitmap

Tier 1 Backends

bitmap_encoder default

Enables image_encoder of plotters-bitmap

bitmap_gif default

Enables gif_backend of plotters-bitmap

svg_backend default evcxr? = plotters-svg
full_palette default


Affects colors::full_palette

colormaps default

Affects colors::colormaps

errorbar all_elements


candlestick boxplot all_elements
histogram all_elements


area_series line_series point_series all_series
surface_series all_series
ttf default = font-kit, lazy_static, pathfinder_geometry, ttf-parser

Font implementation


dlopen fontconfig C library at runtime instead of linking at build time Can be useful for cross compiling, especially considering fontconfig has lots of C dependencies

Enables source-fontconfig-dlopen of font-kit ^0.11.0

ab_glyph = once_cell

Enables ab_glyph

datetime = chrono


evcxr evcxr_bitmap? = svg_backend

Affects plotters::evcxr

evcxr_bitmap = bitmap_backend, evcxr

Enables bitmap_encoder of plotters-svg

Affects evcxr::evcxr_bitmap_figure

deprecated_items default

Keep some of the deprecated items for backward compatibility

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

chrono default datetime?
image not wasm32 or wasi default
lazy_static not wasm32 or wasi ttf
once_cell not wasm32 or wasi ab_glyph?
pathfinder_geometry not wasm32 or wasi ttf
ttf-parser not wasm32 or wasi ttf

Enables ttf-parser ^0.17.0

font-kit not wasm32 or wasi fontconfig-dlopen? ttf

Enables font-kit ^0.11.0

plotters-svg evcxr_bitmap? svg_backend
plotters-bitmap bitmap_backend bitmap_encoder bitmap_gif