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Plotters GTK4

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Plotters GTK4 Backend

This is a third-party backend that allows plotters to operate with GTK4 drawing APIs. For more details, please check the following links:


This crate provides two backend flavors:

Snapshot Backend

This backend is similar to the CairoBackend from the plotters-cairo crate. This is suitable if you are directly drawing to a GtkSnapshot or implementing your own widget or paintable.

Paintable Backend

This is preferred if you simply want to display a plot using GtkPicture or any other APIs that accept a GdkPaintable.

For a real-world example, Spicy, a GTK4 frontend for Ngspice circuit simulator, uses this backend to plot simulation results.


Copyright 2023 Dave Patrick Caberto

This software is subject to the terms of the MIT License. If a copy of the MIT License was not distributed with this file, You can obtain one at this site.


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