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List Plex activity via a Tautulli (Plexpy) Server

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0.1.8 May 3, 2022
0.1.7 Jan 15, 2022
0.1.6 May 9, 2020
0.1.3 May 19, 2019

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pls allows you to list the current activity of your Plex Server via a Tautulli (Plexpy) connection.

Example Output

Example Output


pls processes the Tautulli server and key in the following order:

  • command line flag
  • env variable: PLEXPY_SERVER & PLEXPY_KEY
  • config file

The optional config can be stored in your OS specific configuration directory:

Platform Value Example
Linux $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $HOME/.config /home/alice/.config/pls.toml
macOS $HOME/Library/Preferences /Users/Alice/Library/Preferences/pls.toml
Windows {FOLDERID_RoamingAppData} C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Roaming\pls.toml

The config looks like:

server = 'https://plexpy.duckdns.com:8181'
key = 'my-super-secret-plexpy-key'


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