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app ping-spoofer

A simple CLI tool that artificially increases your ping systemwide without entering sudo password every time (For Linux only)

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1.2.1 May 28, 2022
1.1.0 May 25, 2022

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GPL-3.0 license

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A simple CLI tool that artificially increases your ping systemwide.


git clone https://github.com/Siriusmart/ping-spoofer && cd ping-spoofer && sh ./install.sh && cd ..


ping-spoofer on [ms] [device]
ping-spoofer off [device]
ping-spoofer increase [ms] [device]
ping-spoofer decrease [ms] [device]
ping-spoofer status [device]
ping-spoofer uninstall

for more information, run:

ping-spoofer --help


  • [ms] is the amount of milliseconds to increase your ping by.
  • [device] is the device to increase your ping on, can be found by running 'tc qdisc ls', it looks something like this: eth0/lan0/wlan0/...";

Bypass Root

When installing ping-spoofer, you can set the program to be allowed to run as root. (No need to re-enter your sudo password every time)


Ping Spoofer is licensed under the almight GPLv3 license, you are free to use, study, modify, and redistribute this software under the same license as the original work.


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