Cargo Features

Piet has no features set by default.

piet = { version = "0.6.2", features = ["samples", "image_png", "jpeg", "jpeg_rayon", "gif", "bmp", "ico", "tiff", "webp", "pnm", "dds", "tga", "farbfeld", "dxt", "hdr", "serde"] }
samples = os_info, pico-args, png

Affects piet::samples

image_png = image

passing on all the image features. AVIF is not supported because it does not support decoding, and thats al we use Image for.

Enables png of image ^0.24.5

jpeg = image

Enables jpeg of image ^0.24.5

jpeg_rayon = image

Enables jpeg_rayon of image ^0.24.5

gif = image

Enables gif of image ^0.24.5

bmp = image

Enables bmp of image ^0.24.5

ico = image

Enables ico of image ^0.24.5

tiff = image

Enables tiff of image ^0.24.5

webp = image

Enables webp of image ^0.24.5

pnm = image

Enables pnm of image ^0.24.5

dds = image

Enables dds of image ^0.24.5

tga = image

Enables tga of image ^0.24.5

farbfeld = image

Enables farbfeld of image ^0.24.5

dxt = image

Enables dxt of image ^0.24.5

hdr = image

Enables hdr of image ^0.24.5


Enables serde of kurbo ^0.9

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

image bmp? dds? dxt? farbfeld? gif? hdr? ico? image_png? jpeg? jpeg_rayon? pnm? tga? tiff? webp?

Enables image ^0.24.5

pico-args samples?

Enables pico-args ^0.4.2

png samples?
os_info samples?