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Custom license

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Phoenix is an on-chain orderbook that operates without a crank.


Documentation and instructions on how to interact with the program are available on GitBook.


The primary license for Phoenix is the Business Source License 1.1 (BUSL-1.1), which can be found at LICENSE.


Phoenix has been audited by OtterSec. The audit report can be found at audits/OtterSec.pdf.

Bug Bounty

Information on the bug bounty program for Phoenix can be found at SECURITY.md.

Build Verification

You can use Solana Verify CLI to verify that the program deployed at PhoeNiXZ8ByJGLkxNfZRnkUfjvmuYqLR89jjFHGqdXY matches the code in this repository. After installing the CLI, run:

solana-verify verify-from-repo -um --program-id PhoeNiXZ8ByJGLkxNfZRnkUfjvmuYqLR89jjFHGqdXY https://github.com/Ellipsis-Labs/phoenix-v1

This may take awhile as it builds the program inside Docker, then verifies that the build hash matches the deployed program hash. The verification process is much faster on a non-ARM machine.

Building and Testing Locally

To build the contract, run:


To run the tests, run:



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