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Pest to Ion

This is a simple tool and library for converting Pest grammars to Ion data format.

The motivation for this is to make a portable way to introspect Pest grammars in other tools as a data format versus having to provide bespoke parsers for the Pest syntax in other platforms.


Provides simple conversion from Pest grammar syntax to Amazon Ion.


The easiest way to convert Pest grammars to Ion is from a str slice:

use pest_ion::*;
use ion_rs::value::*;
use ion_rs::value::reader::*;

fn main() -> PestToIonResult<()> {
    // parse a Pest grammar and convert it to Ion element
    let actual = r#"a = @{ "a" | "b" ~ "c" }"#.try_pest_to_element()?;

    // here is the equivalent Ion element
    let ion_text = r#"{
        a: {
            type: atomic,
                    (string exact "a")
                        (string exact "b")
                        (string exact "c")
    let expected = element_reader().read_one(ion_text.as_bytes())?;

    // these should be equivalent
    assert_eq!(expected, actual);


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