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app perfrecord

A macOS command line profiler

17 unstable releases (7 breaking)

0.8.0 Apr 2, 2022
0.7.0 Dec 12, 2021
0.6.5 Dec 3, 2021
0.6.4 Aug 26, 2021
0.4.3 Jun 1, 2020

37 downloads per month


19K SLoC

Contains (Mach-o library, 2.5MB) libperfrecord_preload_arm64.dylib, (Mach-o library, 2MB) libperfrecord_preload_x64.dylib


perfrecord is intended to become a command line CPU profiler for macOS. It is a work in progress and not ready for public consumption.

Try it out:

cargo install perfrecord

perfrecord ./yourcommand args
perfrecord --launch-when-done ./yourcommand args
perfrecord -o prof.json ./yourcommand args
perfrecord --launch prof.json

See the repo for more information.


~620K SLoC