17 unstable releases (7 breaking)

0.8.0 Apr 2, 2022
0.7.0 Dec 12, 2021
0.6.5 Dec 3, 2021
0.6.4 Aug 26, 2021
0.4.3 Jun 1, 2020

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19K SLoC

Contains (Mach-o library, 2.5MB) libperfrecord_preload_arm64.dylib, (Mach-o library, 2MB) libperfrecord_preload_x64.dylib


perfrecord is intended to become a command line CPU profiler for macOS. It is a work in progress and not ready for public consumption.

Try it out:

cargo install perfrecord

perfrecord ./yourcommand args
perfrecord --launch-when-done ./yourcommand args
perfrecord -o prof.json ./yourcommand args
perfrecord --launch prof.json

See the repo for more information.


~684K SLoC