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Experimental, efficient, and performant binary representation of districting plans

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Currently it is hard to store the state of every single step of a normal Markov Chain Monte Carlo from GerryChain Python or GerryChain Julia. This repo aims to produce an efficient intermediate binary representation of partitions/districting assignments that will enable for generated plans to be saved on-the-fly. Each step is represented as the diff from the previous step, enabling a significant reduction in disk usage per step.


cargo install pcompress
pip install pcompress

Python Usage

Note that chain is a normal MarkovChain object and graph is a normal GerryChain graph.


from pcompress import Record

for partition in Record(chain, "pa-run.chain"):
    # normal chain stuff here


from pcompress import Record

for partition in Replay(graph, "pa-run.chain", updaters=my_updaters):
   # normal chain stuff here


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