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Fast openstreetmap PBF file format reader. Reads Nodes, Ways, Relations. It uses mpsc::channell and multiple threads to do job as fast as possible.

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Simple Openstreetmap PBF file format reader. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/PBF_Format

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This lib uses multithreaded approach for reading data and optimized for speed :D.

Serial read can be achieved by restricting number of additional concurent threads to 0.

For example usate see src/lib.rs tests. There is GUI example which can be run using cargo run --release --example paint


  • reading Nodes, Ways, Relatons, Tags


  • build index for faster read access.
  • filtered read.
  • documentation and examples.
  • template float and ID types for tunable storage precision.

*** Thanks Gitlab.com team for allowing editing this file online!

Principle #1 User can't catch more than ~5mb of text+vector data from a 4"-6" screen.


The pbf-reader crate provides function to parse pbf osm format http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/PBF_Format extern crate pbf_reader; use *; use std::sync::mpsc; // create communication channel let (mut node_tx, node_rx) = mpsc::channel::(); // start read in background thread let h = thread::spawn(move || { // allow usage of 4 additional threads to current one. let threads = 4; let result = read_pbf(&"src/sample.pbf".to_string(), threads, &mut node_tx); result.unwrap(); }); let mut count = 0; loop { if let PBFData::ParseEnd = node_rx.recv().unwrap() { break; } count = count + 1; } assert_eq!(count, 338); h.join().unwrap();


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