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A specialised trie for paths in the style of a Patricia or radix trie

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0.1.1 Sep 5, 2020
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A specialised trie for paths in the style of a Patricia or radix trie, with optional optimised FST output.

The intended usage of this data structure is for optimally storing and querying keys that have a large number of shared prefixes, such as file paths in a file system.

This crate is partly inspired by the fst crate by Andrew Gallant. There are a few significant differences to that crate, however:

  • Simplicity of implementation was prioritised over speed
  • The trie structure is mutable and can be later written into an FST
  • Insertions do not need to be in lexicographical order

It is a goal of this project to stabilise the FST format once proven to be bug-free.


Add this to your Cargo.toml:

pathtrie = "0.1"

Where is this used?

  • box - a modern replacement for the zip file format


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at your option.


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