Cargo Features

parse-monitors has no features set by default.

parse-monitors = { version = "0.2.3", features = ["plot", "xcase", "b2020", "bzip2", "tectonic", "polars", "rstar", "matio-rs"] }
plot = complot, plotters

Affects parse-monitors::plot_monitor

Required by batch_force, dome-seeing, group-force and opd_maps binaries


Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

bzip2 implicit feature

Enables bzip2


Bindings to libbzip2 for bzip2 compression and decompression exposed as Reader/Writer streams

plotters plot?
tectonic implicit feature

Enables tectonic ^0.8.0

Required by the cfd_special_report binary

polars implicit feature

Enables polars ^0.18.0


DataFrame library based on Apache Arrow

Required by asm_pressure-stats_plots, asm_temperature-stats_plots, integral_pressures and pressure-stats_plots binaries

rstar implicit feature

Enables rstar ^0.9.2


An R*-tree spatial index

Affects telescope::rtree

complot plot?
matio-rs implicit feature

Enables matio-rs


Rust wrapper to MATLAB MAT file I/O library

Required by the asm_differential_pressure binary