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Papyrus - A rust REPL and script running tool.

This project is no longer maintained.

See the rs docs and the guide. Look at progress and contribute on github.

papyrus=> 2+2
papyrus [out0]: 4


Papyrus creates a Rust REPL in your terminal. Code can be typed in, line by line with feedback on the evaluation, or code can be injected via stdin handles. Each code snippet is evaluated on an expression based system, so terminating with a semi-colon requires more input.


[lib] papyrus=> 2+2
papyrus [out0]: 4
[lib] papyrus=> println!("Hello, world!");
[lib] papyrus.> out0 * out0
Hello, world!
papyrus [out1]: 16
[lib] papyrus=> :help
help -- prints the help messages
cancel | c -- returns to the root class
exit -- sends the exit signal to end the interactive loop
  edit -- Edit previous input
  mod -- Handle modules
  mut -- Begin a mutable block of code
[lib] papyrus=> :exit
[lib] papyrus=> Thanks for using papyrus!


Papyrus can be installed from crates.io or building from source on github. The default installation feature set requires a nightly toolchain, but stable can be used with fewer features enabled.

To install with all features:

rustup toolchain add nightly
cargo +nightly install papyrus

To install on stable without racer completion:

cargo +stable install papyrus --no-default-features --features="format,runnable"



Papyrus has features sets:

  • format: format code snippets using rustfmt
  • racer-completion: enable code completion using racer. Requires a nightly compiler
  • runnable: papyrus can be run, without needing to manually handle repl states and output

All features are enabled by default.


Papyrus leverages installed binaries of both cargo and rustc. This requirement may lift in the future but for now, any user wanting to use Papyrus will need an installation of Rust.


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