Cargo Features

Paperclip has no features set by default.

paperclip = { version = "0.8.2", features = ["actix4-nightly", "actix3-nightly", "actix2-nightly", "actix4", "actix3", "actix2", "actix-base", "swagger-ui", "rapidoc", "path-in-definition", "cli", "codegen", "v2", "v3", "actix-multipart", "actix-session", "actix-identity", "actix-files", "actix3-validator", "actix4-validator", "chrono", "rust_decimal", "url", "uuid", "uuid0", "uuid1", "serde_qs", "reqwest"] }
actix4-nightly = actix4

actix-web support

Enables nightly of paperclip-actix

actix3-nightly = actix3

Enables nightly of paperclip-actix

actix2-nightly = actix2

Enables nightly of paperclip-actix

actix4 actix4-nightly? = actix-base

Enables actix4 of paperclip-actix

actix3 actix3-nightly? = actix-base

Enables actix3 of paperclip-actix

actix2 actix2-nightly? = actix-base

Enables actix2 of paperclip-actix

actix-base actix2? actix3? actix4? = v2

Enables actix of paperclip-macros

Affects paperclip::actix


Enables swagger-ui of paperclip-actix


Enables rapidoc of paperclip-actix


Enables path-in-definition of paperclip-macros

cli = codegen, env_logger, git2, structopt, v2

OpenAPI support (v2 and codegen)

Required by the binary

codegen cli? = heck, http, log, regex, tinytemplate

Enables codegen of paperclip-core

Affects v2::codegen

v2 actix-base? cli? v3?

Enables v2 of paperclip-core and paperclip-macros


OpenAPI support (v2 and codegen)

Affects paperclip::v2

v3 = indexmap, openapiv3, v2

OpenAPI v2 to v3 support

Enables v3 of paperclip-actix and paperclip-core


Features for implementing traits for dependencies.

Enables actix-multipart of paperclip-core


Enables actix-session of paperclip-core


Enables actix-identity of paperclip-core


Enables actix-files of paperclip-core


Enables actix3-validator of paperclip-core


Enables actix4-validator of paperclip-core


Enables chrono of paperclip-core


Enables rust_decimal of paperclip-core


Enables url of paperclip-core

uuid = uuid0, uuid1
uuid0 uuid?

Enables uuid0 of paperclip-core

uuid1 uuid?

Enables uuid1 of paperclip-core


Enables serde_qs of paperclip-core

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features. These features may have been created by mistake, and this functionality may be removed in the future.

paperclip-actix actix2? actix2-nightly? actix3? actix3-nightly? actix4? actix4-nightly? rapidoc? swagger-ui? v3?
paperclip-macros actix-base? path-in-definition? v2?
env_logger cli?

Enables env_logger ^0.8

git2 cli?

Enables git2 ^0.15

heck codegen?

Enables heck ^0.4

http codegen?

Enables http ^0.2

log codegen?
regex codegen?
reqwest implicit feature

Enables reqwest ^0.10


higher level HTTP client library

structopt cli?
tinytemplate codegen?
openapiv3 v3?

Enables openapiv3 =1.0.2

indexmap v3?

Enables indexmap ^1.0