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A simple pandoc filter for converting acronym codes to LaTeX

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Pandoc acronym

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This filter provides a slightly cleaner syntax for LaTeX acronyms.

What it does:

Code Description Translates to
(+x) basic acronym instruction \ac{x}
(+~x) full form of the acronym \acf{x}
(+.x) always short form \acs{x}
(+-x) always expand acronym \acl{x}
(+*x), (+.*x), (+-*x), (+~*x) plural form of the above \acp{x}, \acsp{x}, \aclp{x}, \acfp{x} respectively
(+^x), (+.^x), (+-^x), (+~^x) plural form, alternate syntax \acp{x}, \acsp{x}, \aclp{x}, \acfp{x}


The binary pandoc-ac is a standard pandoc filter. It is currently compatible with the Pandoc AST API v1.22.

pandoc mytext.md -F pandoc-ac -o out.pdf

Moreover, the filter is accessible programmatically from Rust with the pandoc_ac library.

use pandoc_ast::Pandoc;
use pandoc_ac::make_acronym_formatting;
use serde_json::from_reader;
use std::fs::File;

let input_file = "resources/test.md";

let text_json: Pandoc = from_reader(File::open(input_file)?)?;
let result: Pandoc = make_acronym_formatting(text_json);


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