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Utility Liblary for linux's package managers, such as apt, yum, pacman

4 releases (breaking)

0.4.0 Mar 31, 2024
0.3.0 Feb 5, 2024
0.2.0 Jan 25, 2024
0.1.0 Jan 22, 2024

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Palin - An utility liblary for package managers.

Palin is a Utility Liblary for linux's package managers, such as apt, yum, pacman. It can detect which package managers installed in a linux distro, checks if a program installed in that. In next releases, new utilites will be added.

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use palin::*;

fn main() {
    let package_managers = find_package_managers(); // this returns: Vec<&'a str>

    // then check which package managers exist and do your stuff depending on that. It usually will return this kind of answer:

    // ["apt", "dpkg"]
    // ["yum", "dnf", "rpm"]
    // ["busybox"]
    // etc...

Then you can check is a program installed on a package managers list. That functions returns a boolean:

use palin::*;

fn main(){
    let is_wget_exist_in_apt = check_if_exist_in_apt("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_dpkg = check_if_exist_in_dpkg("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_yum = check_if_exist_in_yum("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_dnf = check_if_exist_in_dnf("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_rpm = check_if_exist_in_rpm("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_pacman = check_if_exist_in_pacman("wget");
    let is_wget_exist_in_busybox = check_if_exist_in_busybox("wget");

And also you can check existences of some specific programs:

use palin::*;

fn main(){
    let is_curl_exist = check_if_curl_exist();
    let is_wget_exist = check_if_wget_exist();
    let is_dig_exist = check_if_dig_exist();
    let is_ip_exist = check_if_ip_exist();

Then you can get an apt program if apt exist:

use palin::*;

fn main(){
    // check if apt exist before

    let get_wget_program = get_apt_program("wget").unwrap();

    // do your other stuff 

Planned Features For Future Releases

  • Adding support for listing the programs of package managers.
  • Adding support for showing more information support for programs of package managers.

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