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Unified info output for pacman packages

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Helpful unified package info screen for pacman

I was looking for a better info screen to use as the preview window for fzf over the pacman package list.



pacpreview package_name

With fzf

Add an alias to your bashrc or zshrc file:

alias pacs="pacman -Slq | fzf --multi --preview 'pacpreview {1}' | xargs -ro sudo pacman -S"

Then run: pacs

pacs screenshot


Package is not installed:

core/linux-aarch64 5.11.1-1

The Linux Kernel and modules - AArch64 multi-platform

Opt Depends:
    crda: to set the correct wireless channels of your country [installed]
    coreutils [installed]
    linux-firmware [installed]
    kmod [installed]
    mkinitcpio 0.7 [installed]

Package is installed and up to date:

community/sway 1:1.5.1-1 [installed]

Tiling Wayland compositor and replacement for the i3 window manager

Installed Reason: explicit
Opt Depends:
    alacritty: Terminal emulator used by the default config [installed]
    dmenu: Application launcher [installed]
    grim: Screenshot utility [installed]
    i3status: Status line
    mako: Lightweight notification daemon [installed]
    slurp: Select a region
    swayidle: Idle management daemon [installed]
    swaylock: Screen locker [installed]
    wallutils: Timed wallpapers
    waybar: Highly customizable bar [installed]
    xorg-server-xwayland: X11 support [satisfied by xorg-xwayland]
    cairo [installed]
    gdk-pixbuf2 [installed]
    json-c [installed]
    pango [installed]
    polkit [installed]
    pcre [installed]
    swaybg [installed]
    ttf-font [satisfied by noto-fonts]
    wlroots [installed]

Package is outdated

extra/gimp 2.10.22-2 [~installed]

GNU Image Manipulation Program

Installed Version: 2.10.22-1
Installed Reason: explicit
Opt Depends:
    gutenprint: for sophisticated printing only as gimp has built-in cups print support
    poppler-glib: for pdf support [installed]
    alsa-lib: for MIDI event controller module [installed]
    curl: for URI support [installed]
    ghostscript: for postscript support [installed]
    babl [installed]
    dbus-glib [installed]
    desktop-file-utils [installed]
    gegl [installed]
    glib-networking [installed]
    hicolor-icon-theme [installed]
    openjpeg2 [installed]
    lcms2 [installed]
    libheif [installed]
    libexif [installed]
    libgudev [installed]
    libmng [installed]
    libmypaint [installed]
    librsvg [installed]
    libwebp [installed]
    libwmf [installed]
    libxmu [installed]
    libxpm [installed]
    mypaint-brushes1 [installed]
    openexr [installed]
    poppler-data [installed]
    gtk2 [installed]
    graphviz [installed]


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