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Traits for converting between byte sequences and platform-native strings

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OsStr Bytes

Traits for converting between byte sequences and platform-native strings.

This crate allows interacting with the bytes stored internally by OsStr and OsString, without resorting to panics or data corruption for invalid UTF-8. Thus, methods can be used that are already defined on [u8] and Vec<u8>.

Typically, the only way to losslessly construct OsStr or OsString from a byte sequence is to use OsString::from(String::from(bytes)?), which requires the bytes to be valid in UTF-8. However, since this crate makes conversions directly between the platform encoding and raw bytes, even some strings invalid in UTF-8 can be converted.

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Add the following lines to your "Cargo.toml" file:

os_str_bytes = "0.1"

See the documentation for available functionality and examples.

Rust version support

The minimum supported Rust toolchain version is currently Rust 1.32.0.


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Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution submitted for inclusion in this crate, as defined in LICENSE-APACHE, shall be licensed according to COPYRIGHT, without any additional terms or conditions.

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