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app orion-ssg

A static site generator to create a simple blog from Markdown files

11 stable releases

1.0.10 May 11, 2023
1.0.9 Feb 27, 2023
1.0.8 Jan 21, 2023
1.0.4 Dec 27, 2022
1.0.1 Oct 31, 2022

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A static site generator written in Rust to create a simple blog from Markdown files.

CLI Actions

  • orion init [PATH] : create a directory to start a new Orion blog (with a few fake posts)
  • orion post [SLUG] : create a new Markdown post
  • orion build : export the Markdown to html
  • orion serve [-b|--build] : optionally build and start a local server to test your build
  • orion --version : display the current version of Orion

You can use the --help or -h flag for each action to know more

Directory structure

├── posts
├── build.sh
├── config.toml
├── public
├── static
└── themes

/posts Contains all the markdown files for your posts

build.sh A build script to use in CI/CD environments

config.toml The configuration of your site

/public The build directory (the files that will be deployed into production)

/static All the assets you want to use (images for your posts, for example)

/themes It contains the different themes you can use, each folder representing them with its own assets: html layout, css, images, ...

Front matter

You can use the following values in your posts. They will be located at the top of the file in between ---.

title: My great title
description: This is a small summary of my post
published_at: 2022-11-01 11:12:13
image: https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/pictures/220000/velka/orion-nebula.jpg

The actual markdown content


The favicon was made by Denis Moskowitz from the Noun Project.


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