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Organize files based on regex (file extensions default)

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0.9.0 May 5, 2020

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GPL-3.0 license


Organize files based on regex rules, file extensions by default.


Using cargo (require Rust)

Install it by running

$ cargo install organize-rt

It will download & compile binary to ~/.cargo/bin. Add this directory to your path or copy binary to /usr/bin/

Compiling from source (require Rust)

Just clone this repo and build this project:

$ git clone --depth=1 https://gitlab.com/FixFromDarkness/organize-rt.git
$ cd organize-rt
$ cargo build --release

After compiling, you can use binary ./target/release/organize-rt. For example, you could copy it to /usr/bin.

Using pre-build binaries

Download binaries from GitLab release section.

Arch Linux

Clone repo and use makepkg:

$ git clone --depth=1 https://gitlab.com/FixFromDarkness/organize-rt.git
$ makepkg -sri


$ organize-rt --help
orginize-rt 0.9.0
Tool for organizing files in garbage dirs like 'Downloads'

    orginize-rt [FLAGS] --output <output> --source <source>

    -h, --help         Prints help information
    -H, --hidden       Include hidden files/directories
    -q, --quiet        Quiet run, empty output
    -r, --recursive
    -V, --version      Prints version information
    -v, --verbose      Show more info

    -o, --output <output>    Output directory
    -s, --source <source>    Directory to organize

Recommended mode: organize-rt -rH

Writing own rules

Just edit ~/.config/organize-rt/rules.toml. File structure:

rules = [

With this rule, file, that match REGEX rule, but didn't match previous rules will move to OUTPUT_DIR/OUTPUT_SUBDIR, where OUTPUT_DIR is --output option.

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