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Rust library for parsing, verifying and serializing OpenTimestamps timestamps

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Uses old Rust 2015

0.1.2 Apr 17, 2017

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OpenTimestamps Library for Rust

OpenTimestamps is a service which provides provable timestamping using the Bitcoin blockchain

This library is in early stages. It currently supports parsing and serialization of .ots files, and can play them forward to compute the eventual hashes that actually wind up in the chain.

There is lots of remaining work to do as far as documentation and examples.

A timestamp viewer using this library is available at wpsoftware.net. Its source code is here.

In src/bin/ots_info.rs there is a simple application that reads a .ots file and dumps its contents to stdout, as a basic usage example. It really just calls fmt::Display::fmt on the DetachedTimestampFile structure; in the absense of any other documentation, reading that function is a good starting point for seeing how the data structures work. You can execute it with cargo run -- <filename.ots>



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