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OpenTelemetry — An observability framework for cloud-native software.

OpenTelemetry Jaeger Propagator

Jaeger propagator integration for applications instrumented with OpenTelemetry. To export telemetry to Jaeger, use the opentelemetry-otlp crate.

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OpenTelemetry is a collection of tools, APIs, and SDKs used to instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data (metrics, logs, and traces) for analysis in order to understand your software's performance and behavior. This crate provides the ability to create and interact with a Jaeger propagator.

Compiler support: requires rustc 1.65+

Supported Rust Versions

OpenTelemetry is built against the latest stable release. The minimum supported version is 1.65. The current OpenTelemetry version is not guaranteed to build on Rust versions earlier than the minimum supported version.

The current stable Rust compiler and the three most recent minor versions before it will always be supported. For example, if the current stable compiler version is 1.49, the minimum supported version will not be increased past 1.46, three minor versions prior. Increasing the minimum supported compiler version is not considered a semver breaking change as long as doing so complies with this policy.


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