Cargo Features

opentalk-types has no features set by default.

opentalk-types = { version = "0.15.0-alpha", features = ["actix", "backend", "clap", "diesel", "frontend", "kustos", "rand", "redis", "serde"] }
actix backend?

Enables actix-http, actix-web, actix-web-httpauth, bytes, http ^0.2, log, and validator

backend = actix, diesel, kustos, rand, redis, serde

Enables opentalk-cache and opentalk-database


Enables clap

diesel backend? = serde

Enables diesel and opentalk-diesel-newtype

frontend = serde

Enables http ^0.2, http-request-derive ^0.1.2, and opentalk-client-shared

kustos backend?

Enables kustos-shared and opentalk-kustos-prefix

rand backend?

Enables rand, v4 of uuid

redis backend? = serde

Enables redis and redis-args

serde backend? diesel? frontend? redis?

Enables serde, validator, base64 and bincode, serde of chrono and chrono-tz, serde of url and uuid

Affects event::JoinSuccess.module_data, participant::Participant.module_data, utils::duration_seconds_option, utils::duration_seconds