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OpenTalk Types

This crate contains datatypes used in the Rest API and WebSockets signaling API of OpenTalk.

⚠️ At this point no guarantees for backwards compatibility can be given.


Data types for OpenTalk.

This crate contains all data types that are used in the OpenTalk web and signaling APIs.



This is the "easy" way to use this crate, unless you need specific functionalities for the backend, then you should use the backend feature instead.

Depends on:

  • frontend


Set the backend feature for using the types anywhere in the backend (e.g., a signaling module, the OpenTalk controller implementation, the OpenTalk room server).

Depends on:

  • diesel
  • redis
  • kustos
  • serde
  • rand


Set the frontend feature for using the types in a client. Because the default feature depends on this, you probably don't need to set it explicitly, unless you have set default-features = false.


Adds Diesel type mappings to simple newtypes, so they can be stored in a database through the ORM.

Depends on:

  • serde


Implements Redis ToRedisArgs and FromRedisValue for types that can be stored on a redis server.

Depends on:

  • serde


Annotates identifier newtypes with a kustos resource implementation.


Some functions for generating values from random numbers are gated by this flag. These are typically used on the backend for creating new identifiers or tokens.


Derives serde::Serialize and serde::Deserialize for all types that can be serialized or deserialized for usage in the web and signaling APIs as well as Diesel and Redis.


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