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Bindings for the OpenShift client API

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0.3.1 Feb 9, 2021
0.3.0 Feb 9, 2021
0.2.0 Nov 3, 2020
0.1.1 Jul 20, 2020
0.0.1 Jun 10, 2020

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OpenShift API for Rust

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This crate is an OpenShift API client for Rust. It contains bindings for the resources and operations in the OpenShift client API, auto-generated from the OpenAPI spec.

Builds on k8s_openapi

This work is based on the wonderful work from Arnavion/k8s-openapi. It does not contain the Kubernetes APIs directly, this is handled by the k8s_openapi crate. It only contains the types added by OpenShift (like Route and ImageStream) and references the existing Kubernetes resources (like Pod and Deployment) from the k8s_openapi crate.

OpenShift Versions

This crates provides mappings for different OpenShift versions. Just like the k8s-openapi crate does for Kubernetes. When you compile your program, you must decide for which API you want to compile. This is done by using Rust features. The following table shows the mappings from OpenShift version to the Rust feature in this crate:

OpenShift Version Feature Kubernetes Version k8s_openapi Feature
4.2.x v4_2 1.15.x v1_15
4.3.x v4_3 1.16.x v1_16
4.4.x v4_4 1.17.x v1_17
4.5.x v4_5 1.18.x v1_18

As each OpenShift version is based on a Kubernetes version, the feature flag for the ks8-openapi crate is auto-selected, to add the appropriate Kubernetes API.


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