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openai-cli is a command line interface to interact with the OpenAI API. It aims to provide most features the API does.

Chat mode


Chat mode commands

  • !system: Write a system message, e.g., "You will translate text to french".
  • !save: Save a conversation.
  • !load: Load a converstation.
  • !history: Show the converstation history.
  • !model: Set the model you want to use, e.g., !model gpt-3.5-turbo.
  • !clear: Clear the current conversation history.
  • !undo: Undo last message.

I also intend to add support for completing promts from stdin or files for use in scripting.


By defeault openai-cli uses emacs style keybinds.

However by using the --vim flag, you can use vim style keybinds instead.

You can write newlines using ALT+ENTER.

Edit Mode

You can edit files using the edit subcommand. edit demo


Installation can be done via cargo install openai-cli.


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