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0x - like xxd but colorful!

Note: for technical reasons, this library is listed as ohx on crates.io.

An example of 0x's output

0x is a simple utility similar to xxd with a few nice features:

  • Colorized output, with configurable output colors!
  • Support for printing in bases 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64.
  • A small RPN calculator for picking how to color code bytes.

For example, to print all bytes with the sign bit set in red and all others in blue, use -x to shift in sign bits, and colorize based on that.

0x -x '>>>7' -z skyblue,red my_file

The result is something like this (here 0x is dumping itself):

Another example of 0x's output

0x tries to mimic xxd's command-line interface where possible, although we cannot promise full fidelity.


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