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Rust loader/bindings for OpenGL 3.3

  • No build.rs stuff, just a plain file.
  • Functions and consts use the real names in the spec
    • Eg: glGetError and GL_NO_ERROR
  • Functions are loaded into global static AtomicPtr values, so loading and usage is thread safe (GL itself still isn't thread safe though!).
  • Cargo features (all off by default):
    • debug_error_checks: Automatic error checking immediately after each call when debug_assertions are on. Logs the arguments you passed to the call the triggered the error as well as as the error that was produced. Very useful!
    • debug_trace_messages: Automatic printing of each function name called just before calling it when debug_assertions are on. Extremely noisy, probably leave it off, but it can help quickly identify where a segfault is coming from so it's available.
    • compatibility_profile: Load the compatibility profile functions.