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app offwall

A simple, CSV-reading OpenFlow controller dedicated to firewall bypassing

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Uses old Rust 2015

1.1.0 Apr 3, 2019
1.0.0 Feb 28, 2018
0.9.0 Feb 28, 2018
0.8.0 Feb 28, 2018
0.6.0 Feb 12, 2018

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OFFWall is an OpenFlow 1.3 compatible controller dedicated to firewall bypassing via CSV files. It only implements the features that are needed to proactively install flow entries onto a connected switch.

This Rust crate is part of Bastian Germann's Master thesis, which explains it in detail: Implementierung eines reduzierten OpenFlow Controller für Firewall Bypassing in der Praxis. A paper on this work is available at https://dl.gi.de/handle/20.500.12116/16577.

You can find information about compiling and packaging in INSTALL.md. Please see LICENSE for copyright and license information.


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