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Demonstration of objrs

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objrs demo

This demo of objrs is written in 100% Rust. It uses objrs to compile to machine code that is ABI-compatible with Objective-C, allowing it to utilize native Objective-C frameworks (e.g. AppKit, Foundation, Metal, MetalKit, etc.) without any intermediary FFI bridges.

When run, the application will open a window that uses Metal to render the Rust logo. Moving your mouse across this logo will interactively distort it.


  • A recent version of macOS (only macOS 10.14.1 has been tested).
  • Nightly Rust compiler (tested on rustc 1.32.0-nightly (5aff30734 2018-11-19)).


Just cargo run to run the demo app. Running the latest version of the demo can be done as follows:

git clone https://gitlab.com/objrs/objrs.git
cd objrs/demo
cargo run

The demo is also published on crates.io under the name objrs_demo.


See the COPYRIGHT file. objrs (including this demo) is triple-licensed under the Apache License 2.0, MIT License, and Mozilla Public License 2.0 terms.

This demo renders a copy of the Rust logo with interactive distortions applied. The file logo_triangles.i16.xz is a copy of the Rust logo (represented as a 2D triangulated mesh in binary form). The Rust logo is licensed by Mozilla under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY).


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