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Create NVIDIA GameStream Presets from Steam Shortcuts. Useful with SteamRomManager

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0.0.2 Jun 22, 2022
0.0.1 Jun 22, 2022

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NVIDIA GameStream Presets Tool

NVIDIA GameStream Presets Tool

Building with cargo

cargo build --release


Configuration parameters can be passed to NVIDIA GameStream Presets Tool by CLI arguments or loaded from an ini file. CLI arguments have preference over ini ones. By default, a file conf.ini is expected in the working directory.

The assets directory with the default box art png must be placed in the working directory.

Running with CLI arguments

cargo run --release -- -t "C:\Home\Games\Emus\Yuzu\yuzu.exe" -s "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Steam\\userdata\\99999999\\config\\" -d "C:\\Users\\USER\\AppData\\Local\\NVIDIA Corporation\\Shield Apps\\"

Running with custom ini file

cargo run --release -- -c "config\\customconfig.ini"

Portable installation

For running the tool without cargo, place in the same directory: - The nvidia-gamestream-presets-tool.exe in target/release directory. - The assets directory. - The conf.ini. After properly setting your config in the conf.ini file, just double click in nvidia-gamestream-presets-tool.exe everytime you want to re-create your presets.


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