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Fast primality, factorization and elementary number theory for primitive types, and arbitrary-precision integers

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Currently the fastest library for factorization and primality checking in the interval 0;2^64 that is available in Crates.io and possibly in the entire Rust-lang ecosystem. Algebraic definitions of primality and factorization are used, permitting checks like -127.is_prime() to return true and unique factorizations to be considered unsigned.

Currently implements these functions

  • Primality
  • Factorization
  • Euler totient
  • Integer radical (not sqrt)
  • K-free
  • Modular exponentiation and quadratic residues
  • Legendre symbol

Additionally this library has an implementation of the previous NT functions for arbitrary-precision integers, plus some elementary arithmetic. Multiplication utilizes Karatsuba algorithm, otherwise all other arithmetic can be assumed to be naive.

  • Addition/subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Euclidean Division
  • Conversion to and from radix-10 string
  • Successor function (+1)
  • SIRP-factorials
  • Sqrt/nth root
  • Exponentiation
  • Logarithms

Usage is fairly simple

// include NT functions
use number_theory::traits::NumberTheory;
// include arbitrary-precision arithmetic
use number_theory::arithmetic::mpz::Mpz;
  // Sign, generally unnecessary for ENT
//use number_theory::arithmetic::sign::Sign; 
// unsigned from string, defaults to Sign::Positive
let mersenne = Mpz::u_from_string("127"); 
assert_eq!(mersenne.is_prime(), true);

No runtime deps