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High performance nudity detection

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High performance nudity detection in rust. This is a port based on nude.js and nude.py.


We are currently going for an identical nudity detection algorithm, future versions may tweak parameters but due to the complexity of this topic we can't provide actual support for false positives or negatives. You are welcome to discuss ideas in the issue tracker but you may have to write a patch yourself.

The original implementation is based on this paper.

Please consider this library experimental.

Usage as a library

extern crate image;
extern crate nude;

let img = image::open("test_data/test2.jpg").expect("failed to open");
let nudity = nude::scan(&img).analyse();
println!("nudity={:?}", nudity);

Running the example binary

cargo run --release --example scan test_data/test2.jpg


This project is free software released under the LGPL3+ license.


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