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Nushell's extra commands that are not part of the 1.0 api standard

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0.83.1 Jul 30, 2023

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the extra commands are not part of the Nushell binary

The commands in this crate are the extra commands of Nushell. They do not get built for the release and it is the responsibility of the developer to build these commands if they want to use them.

These commands are not going to part of the 1.0 Api; meaning that there is no guarantee longer term that these commands will be around into the future. Of course since they are part of the source tree one could always incorporate them into their own custom release.

How to build the commands in this crate

Step 1 is to read the installation notes for Nushell which is located in our Nushell book.

Once Rust is installed you can then build Nushell with the following command.

cargo build --features=extra

Your Nushell binary which just got built is called nu and will be located here.



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