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Auto-generated bindings for Illumination Research’s Nodal Scene Interface – ɴꜱɪ

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Auto-generated Rust bindings for Illumination Research’s Nodal Scene Interface – ɴsɪ.

You should not need to use this crate directly except for two reasons. You are likely either:

  • writing a renderer that exposes an ɴsɪ C-API.

  • a masochist who wants to use the C-API directly from Rust.

High Level Bindings

There are high level Rust bindings for this API in the ɴsɪ crate.

Differences From The C API

All enums have been rustified. Meaning they were mapped to actual Rust enums.

Postfixes were stripped on enum and struct type names. E.g.:


Prefixes and postfixes were stripped on enum variants. E.g.:


Rationale: make code using the bindings a bit less convoluted resp. easier to read.

Finally, NSIParamFlags is a bitflags struct that wraps the NSIParam* flags from the C-API for ergnomics.

Compile- vs. Runtime

The crate builds as-is, with default features.

However, at runtime this crate requires a library/renderer that implements the ɴsɪ C-API to link against. Currently the only renderer that does is 3Delight.


  • omit_functions – Omit generating bindings for the API's functions. This is for the casewhere you want to expose your own C-API hooks from your renderer.


Apache-2.0 OR BSD-3-Clause OR MIT OR Zlib at your option.


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