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Small utility to detect dangling NS pointes that could be used for AWS NS takeover

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NSDetect: A Rust Utility To Detect AWS NS Takeover


This is a rewrite of NSDetect in rust, since that tool requires python2 which is increasingly hard to use on a modern linux distribution.



  • Cargo installed, for example via rustup


cargo install nsdetect

Reading Suggestions

  • If you are unaware of AWS NS Takeover and want to know more about it read this Medium story describing the misconfiguration and providing the walkthrough for automated exploitation.
  • If you are already aware of NS Takeover, have a look at this Medium story providing the detailed walkthrough on NSDetect.


The program takes a file with a list of domains as an input, scans each one of them(skipping duplicates) against this vulnerability and at last reports a list of vulnerable domains. For help you can run it with -h or --help option as shown below:

nsdetect  -h

The input file should simply be a list of domains, one per line

Once we have done sufficient recon on the target and have prepared the list of domains/subdomains, we can provide the list as an input to the tool in order to scan each domain in the list. We can use -i or --input option to provide the input file as shown below:

$ nsdetect -i ~/Desktop/temp.csv
example.com: false

Or use -d to specify just one domain.

$ nsdetect -d example.com
example.com: false

Or pipe the domains to nsdetect.

$ echo "example.org
example.com" | nsdetect
example.org: false
example.com: false

Use the --async option to do the lookups asynchronously.

cat /tmp/domains | nsdetect -a
example.org: false
example.com: false

For the takeover of the vulnerable domains, we can use **NSBrute**, which requires AWS Programmatic Access:

python NSBrute.py -d vulnerabledomain.com -a ThisIsNotMyAccessKey -s ThisIsNotMySecretKet

Note: While you are doing the POC for NSDetect locally, please keep in mind that DNS Propagation Issues might lead to unexpected results. You may need to provide sufficient time for DNS changes to propagate. In case you still observe the problem, feel free to raise an issue, we can fix it together!


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