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Small and easy functions for programming beginners

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Rust Tools for Novices

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Small and easy functions for absolute beginners in Rust and programming.

Sometimes a seemingly easy task, like reading an integer input from the user, is actually something complex with many sources of errors. Instead of overwhelm the beginner with the explanation, it's often useful to just start with something easy, like fn read_number() -> isize. Easy to use and not very confusing.

Note: This means that you shouldn't use this crate in production or something.


Here is a simple example (see example/read_stdin.rs):

extern crate novice_tools;

use novice_tools::*;

fn main() {
    println!("This was read: {}", read_number("Give me an integer:"));
    println!("This was read: {}", read_bool("Give me a boolean:"));
    println!("This was read: {}", read_float("Give me a float:"));

    let x : usize = read("Give me a positive integer:", "positive integer");
    println!("This was read: {}", x);

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