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A foundational crate for the NovaX framework, providing essential data types and conversions necessary for working with smart contracts and blockchain interactions

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novax-data is a crate designed to facilitate data handling and conversions in blockchain-based applications.

This crate provides a robust set of types and utility functions to ease the conversion and management of data structures when working with MultiversX virtual machine and the associated blockchain technology. It encompasses common patterns for data conversion and parsing, especially around address representations, and error handling.

Core Concepts

  • Native and Managed Type Conversion: NativeConvertible and ManagedConvertible are traits provided to bridge the gap between complex smart contract types managed by the MultiversX virtual machine and common Rust types. They facilitate seamless conversions back and forth, supporting a variety of scenarios such as converting a String to a ManagedBuffer or TokenIdentifier.

  • Address Handling: The Address struct along with its associated methods simplify the operations and transformations required when dealing with address representations on the blockchain.

  • Data Parsing and Error Handling: Utility functions like parse_query_return_string_data and parse_query_return_bytes_data are provided to parse and decode data from blockchain queries. Comprehensive error types like DataError, AddressError, and UtilsError centralize error handling, making error propagation and management straightforward.


Most of the time, developers won't have to include novax-data directly as a dependency. Its primary purpose is to serve as a foundational utility crate used by other "novax" crates such as "novax", "novax-executor", "novax-token", etc. However, if direct usage is required:

use novax_data::{Address, NativeConvertible, ManagedConvertible, parse_query_return_string_data, DataError};

// ... your code here ...

For detailed examples and usage of each type and utility function, refer to their respective module and function documentation.


  • types: Defines core types like Address, and the conversion traits NativeConvertible and ManagedConvertible.
  • constants: (Further details can be provided as needed)
  • error: Centralizes error definitions including DataError, AddressError, and UtilsError for robust error handling.
  • utils: Provides utility functions for data parsing and other common operations.

For a deep dive into each module and to understand the various types, traits, and functions provided, navigate through the module documentation below.


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