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NovaX is your go-to toolkit for building robust software seamlessly interacting with the MultiversX blockchain

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🌌 NovaX: The Ultimate MultiversX Blockchain Toolkit

NovaX is your go-to toolkit for building robust software seamlessly interacting with the MultiversX blockchain. Harness the power of smart contract interactions, code generation, and automatic type conversion all checked at compile time to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Crates.io Documentation License: GPL v3

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🔥 Features

  • Code Generation: Effortlessly generate client code from ABIs. Enjoy autocompletion for all the endpoints and views of the smart contract in the ABI, simplifying your development process.
  • Safe Contract Interactions: Type-safe call and query functionalities ensure everything is checked at compile time.
  • Error handling: All errors are handled through the Result type.
  • Native Rust Type Conversion: Automatic conversion of complex types like ManagedBuffer, ManagedVec, etc., into native Rust types such as String, Vec, and more, whether for input or output.
  • Auto-caching: Specify your caching strategy (local, Redis, etc.), and let NovaX handle the rest. Compose multiple strategies and opt to lock operations on similar interactions to minimize redundant requests.
  • Blockchain Information Retrieval: Fetch token properties and address balances with ease.
  • Mocked Blockchain Interactions: Execute requests in a mocked environment with just a single line of code.
  • Blockchain Cloning: Need to mock an environment mirroring the current blockchain state? Specify the addresses to clone, and NovaX will fetch the storage, code, and balances of those addresses. Save and load cloned data to a file for consistent environments across executions—ideal for integration testing.

💡 Use Cases

NovaX is versatile and tailored for developers looking to build robust, efficient, and testable solutions on top of the MultiversX blockchain. Here are some scenarios where NovaX shines:

🖥️ Efficient, Safe, and Testable Backends

Build backend systems with confidence. NovaX's type-safety and autocompletion enable you to interact with the blockchain with less worry about runtime errors. Its mocking and cloning features allow for thorough testing to ensure your backend remains robust.

🤖 Creating Bots

Developing bots to interact with the blockchain has never been easier. Whether you are building trading bots, monitoring bots, or any other automated system, NovaX provides the tools to ensure your bot operates reliably and efficiently.

🚀 Deployment and Interaction Scripts

Craft scripts for deploying contracts, managing upgrades, or interacting with existing contracts on the blockchain. NovaX’s code generation from ABIs simplifies script creation and execution, saving time and reducing errors.

📊 Generating Data Reports

Generate insightful data reports from blockchain data. Easily fetch, analyze, and report on token properties, address balances, and contract interactions. NovaX’s caching feature minimizes the load on the blockchain, ensuring your data reporting is efficient and timely.

🎭 Mock and Simulate Transactions Easily

Mocking and simulation are essential for testing and verifying your smart contract transactions. With NovaX, easily create mocked environments and simulate transactions to ensure your smart contract logic is flawless before deploying to the real blockchain.

🛠 Installation

Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate NovaX into your project:

1️⃣ Create Directories

Create a folder named .novax at the root of your project. Inside .novax, create a subfolder called abis where you'll store all the ABIs of the contracts you wish to interact with.

mkdir -p .novax/abis

2️⃣ Set Environment Variable

Inform Cargo and the library about the location of the abis folder by setting an environment variable. Ideally, add the following snippet to your .cargo/config.toml:

NOVAX_PATH = { value = ".novax", relative = true }

3️⃣ Update Dependencies

Add novax to your Cargo.toml file under the [dependencies] section:

novax = "0.0.22"

4️⃣ Build and Enjoy!

Now, build your project and dive into the development. For a richer experience, enable autocompletion by ensuring your IDE re-indexes the Cargo project:

  • In VSCode, the re-indexing typically happens automatically.
  • In JetBrains based IDEs such as CLion, navigate to the Cargo panel on the right, and click on the refresh icon.
cargo build

With these steps completed, you're all set to make the most out of the NovaX toolkit!


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