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A password generator and storage-less manager

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0.1.0 May 7, 2020

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This is a small command line utility to (re)generate passwords based on a master key, a domain name (or any other "domain" identifier), and optionnaly a username.

With the single master key to remember, you can regenerate the same password from the same inputs (domain and username) so you do not have to remember them.

The master key is not stored anywhere (only in your brain, so you need to have a little bit of it after all), not passed as a command argument and never displayed so it will not show in bash history, logs, etc.

Generated passwords contains letters, capitals, digits and special characters. We use a custom bas64 encoding on top of a PKBF2/SHA256 hash to provide those features with satisfying variety.

Passwords are 43 characters long most of the time.


Generate a password for example.com

$ nobrain example.com
Master key: [hidden]
Domain         example.com
Your password  vh8n0+BXrsTzckt.n08r41n-sEpQKfD0MKXtL1j2Jfs

Of course example.com is just an arbitrary identifier. It is a good practice to use the domain name of the website you need a password for, so you do not need too remember if you used example, Example or "Example Site"

But any of those will work, too.

Generate a password with a username

Simply add the -u <username> option.

$ nobrain example.com -u lud
Master key: [hidden]
Domain         example.com
Username       lud
Your password  eeovoS9HN9P:L4CsXf+Atw!6SHYehBjfBV:T.15CFF:

Note that the output is different, because the username is added to the hash. Any change to the username will result in a different password, so any username will have its own password.


$ nobrain --help
nobrain 0.1.0

    nobrain [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] <domain>

    -c, --confirm       Ask for password confirmation
    -h, --help          Prints help information
    -n, --no-newline    Print only the password without linebreak
    -V, --version       Prints version information

    -u, --user <username>    Add a username [default: ]



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